The plug-and-play repair tool

SmartFix helps service engineers with better and easier diagnoses and first-time-right repairs. For decision-makers it offers an unique insight into their repair data.


Smart farming

Smart farming has become indispensable at lightning speed. Agriculture and high-tech IT are irreversibly joint together. Geo-positioning, drones, IoT and robotics, are just a few examples. It makes the agricultural sector more productive and sustainable, but also more complex than ever. 

Innovation with SmartFix

Machines are becoming increasingly complex, customers are more demanding and good staff difficult to find. SmartFix helps you to solve these problems. 

SmartFix is a unique self-learning repair tool that becomes more effective as the usages increases. 

A tool that can easily be integrated with ERP systems and existing knowledge databases and can be used on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Easy first-time-right repairs
  • Less downtime for customers
  • Better margins on repair work
  • Unique insight into repair data
  • Employees trained faster


SmartFix is ​​designed according to the 4-C model, a proven best practice for service managers. With SmartFix, service engineers easily apply a standardized process by which high quality services to customers will be guaranteed.

  • Concern: A configurable complaint registration structure
  • Cause: Diagnosis assistance using data science
  • Correction: Accessible repair instructions
  • Confirm: Feedback loop with self-learning capacity


SmartFix can be implemented at innovative and ambitious companies with service engineers in a variety of industries, including:

  • Agricultural mechanization
  • Ground, road and hydraulic engineering
  • Machine & Installation
  • Automotive

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About us

We believe that the fast and first-time-right adoption of Smart-IT is the best solution to ‘stay ahead of the curve’.

With our experience and network of professionals and business partners, we make IT-development offshoring and Smart-IT solutions accessible to everyone.

We help to innovate effectively and efficiently, so that our customers can focus on their core business. Doing more with less, is what we like to call it. 


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